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Ultima Enzyme Clarifier 64 Oz
Ultima Enzyme Clarifier 64 Oz



Enzyme Clarifier is a way to clear cloudy water and rid pool water of body and suntan oils, cosmetics, and other organic materials that cause the unsightly ring around the pool. This enzyme cleaner breaks down these contaminants without having to scrub! Enzyme Clarifier prevents the buildup of organics that can clog pool filters quickly. Maintaining pool water with Enzyme Clarifier means improved filter efficiency and less filter backwashing and cleaning — saving you time and money! 

Useful Tips:

Clears cloudy pool water
Prevents water line buildup
Improves filter efficiency
Compatible with all sanitizing systems including chlorine, bromine and biguanide
Stable in the presence of normal levels of chlorine, bromine, and other oxidizers.

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Ultima Enzyme Clarif